Saturday, 5 December 2009

8th and 9th training session Bill

8th training session
Started to add in default. He responded really quickly.

I was quite amazed with how quickly he got it. It is always like that, I find, that if you do the foundation work properly then the rest is really simple and becomes very clear.

Later in the evening I showed Andrew and despite the distraction of him being there Bill still did the behaviour on cue.

9th training session
It was not really a planned training session. Bill came with me shopping. A bunch of children surrounded me, asking all sorts of questions about Bill and dogs in general. Then they asked me if he could sit or something. So I thought to myself, yes, why not, I might as well try it and see if he does it in this environment. No harm done, if he hadn't done it - I would have known that it was stretching it a bit much.

So I tried and I used my release word instead of clicker since I did not have the clicker with me (I had treats in my pockets though :-)). He did the behaviour every time on cue apart from once when he did it without cue. He did the default really well and guess if it was a success amongst the children! I think Bill has done some good advertising for dogs today, which is very well needed.

Continue proofing the behaviour. Add in length to it.

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