Monday, 30 November 2009

Second and Third Training Session - Bill - Stand on backpaws on Cue

Second Training Session 29 Nov 09

  • 1X10
  • Stayed on just nose touching the target stick. The session were more to show off to my husband, Andrew, how clever Bill is so I decided to not raise the criteria :-).

Third training session 30 Nov 09

  • 3X10
  • On the first set I decided to move around in the kitchen.
  • On the second set I decided to raise it a little bit so that he had to stretch upwards in order to reach it. All of this went fantastically well.
  • On the third set I decided to slowly moving the target stick in order for him to follow it.
  • I added a last set of 1X5.


  • I raised the criteria far too quickly on the third set. I almost immediately got grabbing it with his mouth and sometimes he did not fully understand what I meant.
  • Therefore I added a last set of only 5 repetitions where I had it still on his level in order to try and mend anything that might have gone wrong.
  • Results will show in the next training session.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Bill is learning to stand on his back paws on cue

Goal: To do it both on a hand signal and on a verbal cue. Idea is that he should remain there until new cue or finishing cue.

General steps for shaping the behaviour:
1. Capture the behaviour with nose target
2. Work away the target little by little
3. When anticipating clearly add visual cue -hand signal
4. Add in default behaviour (standing in front of me), click and treat for that

Phase 2:
1. Reward for staying up, add time slowly.

Phase 3:

1. Proof in different situations

Phase 4:
1. Add verbal cue where distractions are low
2. Mix with default
3. Mix with default and visual cue
4. Proof the new cue in different situations

First training session- P1
I thought he might do it as a behaviour he would offer naturally. Why I thought that is because he is often doing it in various situations. He has got an amazing balance and is so agile. He is contact seeking, he is alert and he is so keen to learn things. He has got a lovely balanced temperament with a good ability to concentrate in my opinion.

So I thought I would like to develop some of his ability and see what we can do. I was very pleased with the first training session.

  • He did not offer the behaviour.
  • I instead introduced a nose target to him which he more or less got straight away.
  • We did 3 X 10 of the nose target and the last session we started to move it to different places and heights.
  • All went very well and he worked really concentrated. Very quickly you could see him deliberately choosing the target rather than sniffing it out of curiosity.

Plan for next training
  • To start move it around to teach him to follow it.
What a lovely dog he is. Of course I already knew this but you know how it is when the feelings just overwhelmes you and you feel like you have the most clever, fantastic dog in the world. I am sure you all know what I am talking about. He is so lovable and we always have so much fun together :-). Looking forward to next training session. Will be my rewards for writing concentrated on my Assignment in Animal Behaviour for a while :-).

Thursday, 26 November 2009


Finally found out my password and username to this blog. Was not too hard actually :-).

So what has happened since last time? A lot.

Things that comes to mind at this late hour:

1. Started Animal Welfare Studies at Anglia Ruskin University
Feels like a natural and interesting way to go in order to go into Animal Behaviour on a more academic level. I really enjoy it.

2. Been to CAP3 training course in July in the Cotswolds at Learning About Dogs. Kay Laurence Clicker Assessment Program in this case led by Helen Philips, author of Clicker Gundog. Fantastic course. I so thoroughly enjoyed it and now Elsa and I are working away towards our CAP3 award.

3. I do not train with Dave Martin any longer which means that I do not have anybody I can do regular bite work for the Schutzhund training with :-(. Together with everything else that happens I therefore have put the Schutzhund training to one side. At least for the time being.

4. I am planning a boxer litter this spring. I am very excited about this!

5. I have applied to the Championship Show Judge course given by the Swedish Kennel Club. I have the Schnauzer-Pinscher Club recommending me as well as Mr Bo Skalin.

6. Charlie and Bill are both qualified to Crufts 2010.

7. I have started to do some Charity work for RSPCA. At this moment in time I am giving a puppy training course to the volonteers and to some new owners.

8. I have successfully worked with several boxers on one to one basis . I have also worked with several other breeds and cross breeds but mainly Rottweilers, AmStaff mixes and Mastiff crosses.

These are the things I immediately come to think about.

Hopefully I will let you know what happens soon again.

Ewa xx